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We Get Your Crawl Space
In Shape

Crawlspace Fitness, LLC


Enjoy the Comfort of Your Home Like Never Before

Your home requires more than regular cleaning and maintenance to remain livable for years. We provide the expertise to identify and solve your crawl space issues before extensive damage occurs. The presense of high RH (Relative Humidity) levels and high moisture levels in the wood of your crawlspace can result in costly repairs and, worse, it can negatively effect your heath.  Likely, large amounts of air in your home come from your crawlspace. What does that look like for your safety and health if you have mold and other growth? If you need help in preserving your health and dwelling, just turn to Crawlspace Fitness.  We get your entire crawlspace in shape, including quarterly plans, dehumidifiers, insulation, mold remediation, sump pumps, crawl space clean-outs and more!  What's even BETTER is we WILL save you money, GUARANTEED.  Best price, best service is our motto. 

-Encapsulations -Sump Pumps -Vapor Barriers -Eco Friendly Insulation -Weather Monitors 

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We are experts on what we do. In addition, all of the products we use are eco-friendly. You can be sure that they are safe for you, your family, and the environment. Contact us today to request a free quote or estimate. We serve residential property owners in Tennessee and North Carolina. 


Identifying The Problem

We conduct in depth inspections that are video recorded and sent to your email so you know exactly what is going on in your crawl space from the convenience of sitting at your desk. Our professionals make it easy to understand what problems you may have, why it is occuring, and what will need to be done to keep your investment protected. It is important that you do your best to have your crawl space inspected once a year to ensure any problems that you may not be aware of dont cause severe damage to your home.  

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